Industrial janitorial supplies

From the assembly plant to the front office, manufacturing & industrial facilities demand a range of floor cleaning equipment to maintain a productive environment and meet health and safety requirements. i-team Global offers proven floor care equipment — including auto scrubbers, vacuums, workstations and much more — for all types of manufacturing facilities.


The factory is a workplace filled with heavy machinery, complex infrastructure and meticulously calculated processes that require the utmost attention to detail. Keeping the work floor clean is an absolute top priority for the safety and stability of your facility. A huge part of keeping the assembly line in order is cleaning and proper maintenance, and the i-mop XXL is a proven powerhouse that can clean more than 10.000 square feet in under an hour. The interchangeable i-power battery system, allows you to charge one set of batteries while the other set is in use, then swap them out, giving your machine the ability to work continuously 24/7. There are i-range machines to clean every area of your facility, from the front office to the loading docks. i-team Global places the highest priority on worker safety as evidenced in our ergonomic designs, easy-to-use controls, outstanding visibility, and sturdy construction. Our innovative technologies improve cleaning performance, reduce the total cost to clean, and protect health and safety.


We understand your need for quick, thorough floor cleaning that integrates with factory processes rather than disrupting them. The i-range provides efficient floor cleaning with a lower total cost of ownership. The life cycle of i-team products offers a return on investment that pays off in just weeks. Additionally, our equipment is easy to operate, simple to maintain and highly reliable. Maintaining sanitary environments is critical in food and beverage facilities. i-team Global’s high-performance floor care machines and total solutions help provide clean, hygienic environments where products are prepared, processed, packaged, stored or transported.